No Time for Self-Care?

We are all so busy and rushed that we often tend to put ourselves and our needs last.  Life can be hectic but practicing self-care is necessary to maintain good mental health. If you think your schedule is already jam- packed, try some of these easy ways to practice self-care:

Take a five-minute fresh air break

Listen to a playlist of your favorite songs on your drive to work

Buy yourself a tasty treat; life is too short not to eat a cookie!

Stand up and stretch

Wear your favorite color, comfy shoes, or a warm sweater today

Light your favorite scented candle at home

Watch the sunrise or sunset, or count the stars at night 

Sing in the shower

Dance in the kitchen

Smile at strangers (even if you are wearing a mask your eyes can smile too!)

Wrap up with a fuzzy blanket on the couch or keep slippers under your desk

Pet your dog or cat

Savor your coffee or tea in the morning

Drink and eat slowly

Park further away and take the stairs at work

Laugh at your co-worker’s jokes, even if they aren’t that funny!

Scroll through your phone and look at your favorite photos of family and friends

Compliment yourself and say positive affirmations

Take a technology break

Text an old friend

Pay it forward; buy someone a coffee or do a good deed

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