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What are You Feeding Yourself?

Okay, we do not mean that literally. This is not information regarding food or dietary concerns rather, what messages are you feeding your brain with your self-talk? What are the automatic thoughts that you are saying to yourself? Take note … Continue reading

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October is Domestic Violence Month

October is Domestic Violence Month- What is domestic violence?  You may be surprised to see what experts consider to be examples of domestic abuse and violence…… Physical Abuse– Hitting, punching, slapping, throwing objects, pushing, shoving, kicking, posturing, hair pulling, confinement, … Continue reading

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Creating a More Positive Mindset

How to become more positive and see the glass half-full and not half empty? ·        A GRATITUDE JOURNAL- write down five things that make you happy each day. You can then go back and see all the good things that happen … Continue reading

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October is Hispanic Heritage Month- Embracing Diversity and Mental Health

Diversity is one of Lancaster County’s greatest strengths and treasures, and the Latino population has shaped and contributed to our communities in so many ways.  Take time this month to learn about and appreciate the many countries, cultures, and languages … Continue reading

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Red Flags of Toxic People to Watch Out For! How to Know When to Run for the Hills and Not Look Back!

Some relationships in life are choices and some are not. We cannot pick our family or our boss but we do get to pick our friends and our romantic partners. Especially if you just met someone new, it can be … Continue reading

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How to Talk About Tough Stuff….

One of my favorite expressions is; “It’s not what you say but it’s how you say it.” It also has a lot to do with when you say it, where you say it, and to who you say it. Communication … Continue reading

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What is this Mindfulness Stuff all About?

If you have a therapist or read about mental health, I am sure by now you have heard the term “Mindfulness”. There are so many workshops for therapists and clients to learn how to be mindful and there are even … Continue reading

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How a Dog Can Improve your Mental Health?

Humans have been domesticating and living with dogs for thousands of years. Archaeologists even have found dog remains buried with human remains in ancient burial sites all around the world. It is hard to deny that people and dogs always have … Continue reading

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Embracing Adversity

Life is filled with problems, setback, and disappointments. Life is not fair and it is normal to feel frustrated by your struggles. I actually encourage my clients to take the time to recognize injustices and to feel their feelings.  Next … Continue reading

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How to Make Peace with Forgiveness?

Forgiving can be challenging for many people, especially when others have hurt, abused, or neglected us. You probably have heard that you forgive for you, not for the person who hurt you. This is so true! When we forgive, we … Continue reading

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