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Keeping Ourselves Healthy

Our physical health can affect our mental health in so many ways.  My dad was recently in a very serious car accident and suffered a severe neck injury, so in addition to my counseling and psychology jobs, I have taken … Continue reading

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Karah’s Favorite Inspirational Quotes:

You do not have to be a counselor, psychologist, or therapist to give good advice that can help inspire others to grow and to heal. I borrow bits of wisdom that I hear from all over the place. I tend … Continue reading

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A Message for People-Pleasers and Care-Takers…… STOP IT!

Making the world a better place, helping others, and being generous are beautiful and wonderful traits. I truly believe that our purpose on Earth has a lot to do with that above list. However, I also believe that the extremes … Continue reading

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No Time for Self-Care?

We are all so busy and rushed that we often tend to put ourselves and our needs last.  Life can be hectic but practicing self-care is necessary to maintain good mental health. If you think your schedule is already jam- … Continue reading

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Maladaptive Coping Skills

We all naturally look for ways to cope with our problems, hence the term “coping skills”. Some coping skills are healthy, positive, and help us get through difficult times. Unfortunately, some coping skills are maladaptive, meaning they are bad for … Continue reading

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What are You Feeding Yourself?

Okay, we do not mean that literally. This is not information regarding food or dietary concerns rather, what messages are you feeding your brain with your self-talk? What are the automatic thoughts that you are saying to yourself? Take note … Continue reading

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October is Domestic Violence Month

October is Domestic Violence Month- What is domestic violence?  You may be surprised to see what experts consider to be examples of domestic abuse and violence…… Physical Abuse– Hitting, punching, slapping, throwing objects, pushing, shoving, kicking, posturing, hair pulling, confinement, … Continue reading

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Creating a More Positive Mindset

How to become more positive and see the glass half-full and not half empty? ·        A GRATITUDE JOURNAL- write down five things that make you happy each day. You can then go back and see all the good things that happen … Continue reading

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October is Hispanic Heritage Month- Embracing Diversity and Mental Health

Diversity is one of Lancaster County’s greatest strengths and treasures, and the Latino population has shaped and contributed to our communities in so many ways.  Take time this month to learn about and appreciate the many countries, cultures, and languages … Continue reading

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Red Flags of Toxic People to Watch Out For! How to Know When to Run for the Hills and Not Look Back!

Some relationships in life are choices and some are not. We cannot pick our family or our boss but we do get to pick our friends and our romantic partners. Especially if you just met someone new, it can be … Continue reading

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