What is the Morning Star Community Fund?

In the past, Morning Star Counseling has been a fee for service, fully self-supporting practice.  A year ago we were blessed with a gift specifically to use for people who were unable to receive counseling because they did not have the resources.  For the first time we had an option for individuals and families we had to turn away in the past.  Many of the reasons people seek counseling are also causes of economic difficulties, so we are grateful to be able to help clients who really need it. 

Please consider providing scholarship sessions for our Morning Star Community Fund.  100% of your funds will go directly toward those services.
*Please note this sponsorship is not tax deductible.*

~Sponsorship Opportunities~

Platinum Sponsorship – 8 counseling sessions ($800)
Gold Sponsorship – 4 counseling sessions ($400)
Silver Sponsorship – 2 counseling sessions ($200)

100% of proceeds benefit Morning Star Counseling Community Fund




Thank you for your generosity!

More Questions?  Give our office a call at 717.806.5050