Teen Covid Comeback Group

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Group for Teens Struggling with Anxiety or Worry about Returning to School In-Person

As teens prepare to return to in-person classes this Fall after being partially or completely remote, many have been and will continue to be affected by the effects of the pandemic. Even teens who are usually eager to attend class may be feeling more nervous or worried this back-to-school season after spending extended time connecting on screens and disconnected from in-person social and academic activities. Additionally, the uncertainty in many school districts about what the new school year will look like and how to successfully reintegrate back to in-person classes and activities may create higher than usual school anxiety for many teens.

This group is designed to help teens with back-to-school anxiety feel confident and prepared for reintegration to in-person classes, activities, and social interactions. Participants will be coached on how to challenge their negative thoughts and fears and will be supported as they take a series of small steps, practice social skills in a safe and encouraging setting, and engage in fun and helpful activities. This group involves discussions, exercises, home practices, and experiments where the results of participants’ interactions will be reviewed as they rebuild and improve social skills over seven 90-minute sessions.

Signs Your Teen May be Struggling with Anxiety and Might Benefit from this group:

  • isolate themselves and feel lonely – often spending an excessive amount of time in their room
  • have difficulty interacting in groups or with their peers
  • struggle to make plans to go out with friends
  • do not attend family outings willingly
  • shy to participate in classes
  • worry excessively about how others perceive them – fearing embarrassment or rejection
  • experience a drop in grades or struggled academically over the past year
  • afraid to speak up
  • struggle to try new activities that involve socializing with others
  • regularly compare themselves to their peers
  • entering a new school

If you answered yes to many (or all) of these questions, you are not alone. Many parents today see these warning signs but don’t know how to help their teens. However, since you are on this page, you’re ahead of the game. You’re not ignoring signs, but instead, you’re actively seeking out ways to help your teen.

Timing & Locations
East Petersburg office, please call office for information at 717.806.5050
Quarryville office, please call office for information at 717.806.5050
Duration: 6 teen sessions, 1 parent session (including parent and teen together)

The cost of the 7- week group program is $250. Full cost is required up-front, and no refunds will be given for missed sessions. Group is appropriate for teens ages 12 – 15.

This group is facilitated by our therapist Rebecca Caplan.