Hannah Myer, MA NCC

My goal as a counselor is to create a safe space for individuals to journey toward healing and become more fully themselves in the process. This journey looks different for everyone, and wherever you are, my hope is that the counseling relationship is one that equips you to embrace the richness of your life in all circumstances.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English and International Studies from Penn State University, and a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.  I am pursuing licensure in Pennsylvania to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I have experience mentoring college students, as well as working with non-profit organizations dedicated to relational, spiritual, and emotional health. I look forward to further developing my counseling credentials at Morning Star.

To seek help is a sign of strength and resilience, and I hope that together, we can build upon that strength to find freedom and peace in the midst of struggle.

Hannah is scheduling in our Quarryville and Lancaster offices.