Fee Schedule

Our fees are increasing on April 1, 2023, see below for updated rates.

Individual & Family Therapy Fees

Licensed Psychologist

  • Initial Diagnostic Evaluation – $200 (55 min session)
  • 55 min. session – $180

Licensed Therapists

  • Initial Diagnostic Evaluation – $135 (55 min session)
  • 55 min. session – $120 
  • 45 min. session – $100
  • 30 min. session – $70
  • Pre-marital counseling – $120 (not covered by insurance)

Master’s Level Therapists

  • Initial Diagnostic Evaluation and 55 minute session – $100 self pay rate
  • Intern Rate – $80 self pay rate

Registered Dietitian

  • 55 minute zoom session – $100 self pay rate
  • 45 minute zoom session – $80 self pay rate
  • 30 minute zoom session – $60 self pay

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluation – $220 ($50 deposit is required to reserve your appointment).  You may drop this off at our office, or hold your appointment with credit card.  Follow up visits are billed at $120 per session.

Parenting Through Divorce Fees

  • Co-Parent Counseling: $220/hour ($110/person), workbook ($17.00) is required for both parties, appropriate for separated or divorced couples
  • Reunification Therapy: $220/hour
(Insurance cannot be billed for Parenting through Divorce Services)


When requesting documentation, please allow our office 30 days to process your request. We need your request in writing, via mail or email.  Payment must be made before documents will be released.  Please call our office if you have questions at 717.806.5050.


We are setting aside the time for you and we cannot bill insurance companies for missed or late cancellations. If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, you will be expected to notify MSC at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee of $60.

We also reserve the right to charge our full session fee of $120 for a complete no show to an appointment.

We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that cause you to miss an appointment.  You may email your therapist to discuss a fee you have been charged.  Our $60 fee is expected even if your absence was not preventable.