Drug & Alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

A drug & alcohol evaluation consists of a face-to-face interview where we gather information from you for the purpose of assessing your need for continuing ouptatient or inpatient treatment.  At the conclusion of the interview we will assess the information gathered and write a brief letter summarizing our findings and recommendations to any referring individual or agency.

The cost for this evaluation is $220 .  The evaluation includes documentation that will be submitted to the ordering agency.

To schedule an evaluation:

  • Visit our office to complete paperwork or submit here
  • Pay a $50 deposit to reserve your appointment. This deposit is required to schedule an evaluation, and will be forfeited for missed appointments.
  • Initial evaluation is $220.  Follow up sessions are $110 per session.
  • Please call our office at 717.806.5050 if you have any questions.