Morning Star Counseling

In order to protect your health, we are offering online video session (HIPAA compliant) or phone sessions please call our office to schedule, 717.806.5050 or email our staff here.

Quarryville | Lancaster

At Morning Star Counseling, we recognize that the decision to pursue therapy can be a difficult one and that trust takes time.  We are committed to listening to your concerns, guiding you with compassion, and helping you achieve your therapeutic goals.  We strive to avoid stereotyping, diagnosing and labeling when it isn’t productive to do so and, instead, will empower the client to take a more active role in the therapeutic process.

Goals are determined primarily by the client and outcomes are regularly measured to ensure progress.   We utilize evidenced-based approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, and many other techniques that are proven effective for combating anxiety and depression and other mental health concerns.  We can provide you the tools necessary to resolve conflict and improve your relationships as well as the strength to cope with loss and other difficult circumstances you are facing.

We encourage active healing  and a holistic approach to therapy that encourages physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth.