How to Change Your Habits to Feel More Energized

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The winter blues are easy to catch and when that happens, we can feel unmotivated. When it is cold, snowy, and there is less daylight, there is a lot of temptation to stay in bed and not do things. It does not help that right now we are encouraged to stay in due to the pandemic. You can still be productive indoors while practicing social distancing.  It is easy to feel stuck in a rut during the winter.  If you are feeling like you have less energy and lack motivation here are some tips to get you to feel energized and productive.

  • Set a sleep schedule- Even on the weekends and days off, go to bed and wake up at the same time. That will help get your body into a routine and will help you not to feel so tired in the morning.
  • Get ready for morning at night- Pick out your outfit, pack your lunch, charge your phone, write tomorrow’s to do list, and organize yourself at night for a hassle free morning.
  • Take a shower and get ready every day- Even if you have nowhere to go, stick to your routine and get fixed up. Do not stay in your pajamas all day!
  • Use timers to prompt for transitions.  Decide how much time you are going to spend on watching television, listening to music, exercising, or being online and stick to it. When the timer goes off, you are done!
  • Schedule in productivity time- Use that timer and set 30 minutes aside to clean, exercise, pay bills, or do whatever you have to do. Try to schedule your least favorite tasks before a preferable activity like dinner, family time, or movie time. Then, you will feel like you have a reward waiting for you when you are done with your work.
  • Wake up 15 minutes early- Use this time wisely and find what works for you. Maybe do some stretches, go for a ten-minute walk outside, or make a healthy breakfast. Think about what energizes you and start the day with that.
  • Take advantage of the cold- If you are feeling lazy and unmotivated go outside and take in some cold fresh air. The cold outside weather can help to ground you and energize you. You can also take a cold shower, go for a ride with the windows down, or put a cold washcloth on your face for a similar effect.
  • Do not take on too much- It is easy to feel discouraged if you over commit. Do not pack your free time with commitments and activities. Be realistic about what you can and should be doing.
  • Break down large tasks- If you have a big project at work, school, or home that you know is going to be time consuming, that alone can make you feel discouraged.  Do not avoid big projects. They will still be waiting for you when you decide to get back to them! Whenever you have a big task, try to chunk it into small parts and celebrate the completion of each small step.
  • Be smart with what you eat and drink- Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Drink plenty of water and healthy forms of caffeine like tea and coffee. Remember alcohol is a depressant and will bring your mood down, not up. Plus, avoid soda and sugary energy drinks, they are not good for you.


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