The Many Manifestations of Anxiety:

Anxiety is a very uncomfortable feeling; it was designed to be that way! Anxiety is an adaptive emotion that we feel in our body to let us know that we need to pay attention to a possible danger or problem.  A healthy level of anxiety is a good and essential feeling to help us navigate our world. Anxiety is our body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong. However, in many people, anxiety is triggered when there isn’t a present or immediate danger and sometimes the sensations of anxiety hang around too long. Some people also experience extremely high levels of anxiety over relatively benign concerns.  When anxiety is causing problems with carrying out basic day-to-day, occupational or social activities for over six months, we start to consider that an individual may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Everyone can experience anxiety differently. The below is a list of some of the most common manifestations of anxiety. Did you know all of the below can be your body’s way of manifesting anxiety? Which symptoms do you feel when you are anxious?

Heart palpitations
Rapid breathing, hyperventilating
Racing heart
Increased sweating

Fear of impending doom
sleep disturbance
Obsessive or racing thoughts
Feeling agitated

Difficulties concentrating
Low levels of productivity
Anger outbursts
Tense muscles
Chest pains

Tightness in hips
Social isolation
Panic attacks
Talking fast or rambling
Stuttering or speech dysfluencies

Skin redness, irritation or rashes
Increase in blood pressure
Feeling too cold or too hot
Compulsive or repetitive behaviors
Out of body like experiences, feeling disconnected
Teeth grinding
Having to use the bathroom more

Hearing ringing, buzzing or popping sounds
Cold hands or feet
Hard time making decisions

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