The Power of Visualization

In the field of psychology, a common technique that therapists use with clients is visualization.  If you can picture it in your mind, it is more likely to happen! Many Eastern traditions also support the power of manifesting your goals and desires as a way to achieve them. There are many ways that you can apply visualization and manifestation strategies to your daily life. Not only will these techniques help to make you feel calm and lower your levels of anxiety, they can lead to you accomplishing your goals.  What many people tend to do when they engage in future thinking is to picture the worst-case scenario.  When people are about to embark on something new or a life change, they often will catastrophize and think about any and everything that could go wrong and how terrible that would be.  Please do not do this! Visualize your ideal outcome and try to picture how great you would feel if that would happen!

We can apply this as the students return to our buildings. Imagine in your heads that when Monday comes you will see smiling faces, order in the hallways, and your lesson plans will be well received! Imagine yourself connecting with and supporting your colleagues.  Picture in your mind yourself going over your lessons and the students being engaged. Imagine yourself driving home and thinking in your head, “I did a fantastic job today” Isn’t that beautiful imagery?

You can also apply visualization and manifestation techniques to other areas. Are you battling an illness? Picture going to the doctor and receiving a clean bill of health. Struggling with finances? Picture opening a credit card bill and seeing a $0 balance. Fighting too much with your teenage daughter? Picture yourself laughing and spending a fun afternoon with her. Struggling getting back out into the community after the pandemic? Picture yourself with friends enjoying a dinner together at your favorite restaurant.  Try to spend 5 minutes each day visualizing and manifesting what you would like to happen.

What do you have to lose by trying this? – Absolutely nothing and you can feel calm in the moment of visualization.

Remember if you can believe it, and you can see it, then you can achieve it!

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