Creating a More Positive Mindset

How to become more positive and see the glass half-full and not half empty?

·        A GRATITUDE JOURNAL- write down five things that make you happy each day. You can then go back and see all the good things that happen to you daily when you are having a tough time.

·        SAY THANK YOU- Try to say “thank you” to 5 people daily. Do this with a smile on your face. You can thank the cashier, the person who holds the door open for you, your spouse, your boss, anyone.

·        PRACTICE AFFIRMATIONS-   Start with “I am”… ( then fill in the blank with your talents and positive traits) Try looking in the mirror and say these aloud or journal them.

·        PRACTICE MINDFULNESS – Focus on the present and don’t stress about the past or the future

·        EXERCISE- Get out and moving to release all of those feel good chemicals in your body.

·        VOLUNTEER- Giving back is a great way to help your community and makes you feel grateful for what you have.

·        BLOCK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS- When you start ruminating and focusing on the bad, block those thoughts! Visualize a referee blowing his whistle, a stop sign, or anything that indicates for you to knock it off as soon as those negative thoughts enter your mind. Sometimes a change of scenery helps: stand up, go outside, or go to another room.

·        RELAX- Rest can be very productive. Try to schedule a few minutes each day to just relax, breathe and be calm. It is easy to be negative if you feel stressed and if your schedule is packed.

·        LEAN ON YOUR HIGHER POWER- Pray, go to church, meditate and explore your faith. Believing in something bigger than yourself will give you peace and make you more positive. It is also comforting and soothing. 

·        START YOUR DAY IN A POSITIVE WAY- Do something that makes you feel good first thing in the morning: have a cup of tea, do some push-ups, call your mom, or walk your dog. Get out of bed on the right side!

·        LAUGH AND SMILE- With positive thinking, you can fake it until you make it. Practice laughing and smiling. Your body releases chemicals when you laugh and smile that make you feel good.

·        FIND POSITIVE FRIENDS- Surround yourself with people who have good attitudes. It will rub off on you! Avoid complainers and nasty people as much as you can.

·        PRACTICE POSITIVE SELF TALK- Change “I can’t” or “I won’t” to…. “I can” and “I will”. Do not say mean things to yourself. Show yourself compassion and kindness with your thoughts and your words.

One of the few things that we can control in life is our attitude. At times, it seems impossible, but we can decide to be positive. It is your choice if you see the glass half-empty or half- full. Practice these suggestions and you will start to see the glass half- full soon!

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