Why Journal?

Written word is a method to release what swirls in our heads and hearts. When life is smooth we often have little to write down. When life is rocky we often avoid putting those thoughts/ feelings into black and white evidence. No matter what season of life we are in, developing a journaling habit can help support the hard times and enrich the good times.

Benefits of Journaling:

1. You have a private space to process your thoughts. —-> Having personal time to sit and reflect on what you’ve been thinking can help unpack the fears, worries, or dreams that are in your mind. Setting aside a designated time and space to process these thoughts may help you focus better throughout the day.

2. Record events. —-> Our daily lives are often filled with schedules and commitments keeping us on the go. Sometimes our days and weeks pass so quickly that we don’t take note of the good and bad experiences that are occurring. Keeping track of the important moments provide us a log to reflect back on when taking inventory of how we spend our time.

3. Emotional Expression —-> You are entitled to feel how ever you feel, but strong emotions that are not reflected on can sometimes lead us to conflict. Writing down what you are feeling and possible reasons why can help you gain insight to your emotions and better communicate with the people in your life.

4. Goal Setting —-> Have you ever felt like you have numerous dreams to pursue but no idea where to start? By writing down and prioritizing the steps of what goals you want to aim for can make a daunting process much more attainable.

Keep this in mind…. once you write something down you release it into the world. If it’s hurt and pain from a break up, you heal a little bit by writing down those feelings. If it’s hope and excitement about a new goal, you put it into motion by writing it down. Either way, journaling provides you the process of identifying what your head and heart are experiencing and make sense of those thoughts and emotions.

About Jessica Ulmer, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor for Morning Star Counseling, LLC in Lancaster, Pa. Office locations are East Petersburg and Quarryville.
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