Redefining a New Normal

beverage-black-coffee-caffeine-coffee-606543-1One thing that has been a theme for my clients in the weeks after the COVID-19 lockdown, is creating a new normal and re-defining normal. Hmm, what does that mean? The challenge is not trying to take life before the pandemic and trying to make it fit into what we are experiencing now, it won’t work. It will create anger, shame, guilt and sadness. Rather, take concepts of what was your normal before and redefine it. Confused? Here’s an example. If you valued a routine in the morning that helped you get ready for work, re-define it while you are working from home. Set an alarm, brew coffee, brush your teeth and get dressed. Maybe getting dressed now is casual and that’s ok, it’s re-defining normal, right? Another example is that you got to have a commute home that was just your time, recapture that! Get into your car, play your favorite old school tune (Backstreet Boys anyone?!) and just belt out along with it! This was your time in your car, then create it again, maybe this time it’s pj’s and coffee at 4:30PM, that ok!

It is okay to struggle with this, no one can tell you what you need to feel. Give it time, give it space and co-exist with the emotion for a bit. You will be surprised what happens when you allow your emotions to just have a space to be. Be graceful with yourself right now. Re-definition is hard under “normal” circumstances so allow there to be days where you just can’t. Defining normal for your life at this time allows us to gracefully create power in a situation where we are grasping for some sort of power. That is being human, we are created to find consistency and predictability but this time doesn’t lend itself to that experience, so be patient with yourself.


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