Mindfully Being Okay

Something that has been an ongoing discussion lately is not accepting this “new normal” as normal. We are adaptable human beings that can look at the positives in situations and learn how to make do with what we are dealt. However, it is okay for you to feel uncomfortable with this current day “normal” and it is okay for you to feel exactly how you are feeling. NO ONE can tell you that you must feel a certain way. The feelings that you are having are your feelings; your perceived experience; your perspective. Yours to own.

Mindfulness is a tool that most counselors incorporate into their therapy modalities as a means to client centeredness. During this uncertain time, mindfulness seems like a concept that we all can use in our everyday lives. The idea that we can acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that are occurring for us and be okay with them is mindfulness. Relinquishing shame or guilt for not finding acceptance for this timeframe of COVID-19 is okay. Grieving the loss of time that we will never get back is okay. I encourage you in the state of mindfulness to recognize what you are feeling, acknowledge its presence, and accept it for what it is. Sadness, anger, fear, grief, resentment, peace, relief or whatever you’re feeling: be okay with that. This time will pass and these feelings will pass with it. Try to allow yourself the space and grace to feel whatever you must while mindfully being okay.


About Jessica Ulmer, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor for Morning Star Counseling, LLC in Lancaster, Pa. Office locations are East Petersburg and Quarryville.
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