An Open Invitation to Healthcare Providers:

Dear Healthcare Provider,

I know you are scared.  How can you not be?  You are walking into the storm that the rest of humanity has been directed to distance from.  Every time you swipe your badge you have no idea what you will be encountering or if you will be adequately protected.  You have trained and worked long hours and held patients’ hands as they were scared.  Who will hold your hand now in your moments of fear?  Picking up your goggles and N-95 (hopefully) you are walking directly into the eye of the COVID storm that no one can guarantee an end to.  You prepare and protect yourself but when the patient falls into distress we all know what you do.  The emergency becomes your priority.  The patient’s needs suddenly make your fears less palpable.  You are a healthcare provider; a healer, a caregiver; a hero.  We thank you and pray for your safety through this storm.  

Morning Star Counseling would like to provide the frontline healthcare workers  a space of comfort, decompression, and community during this scary COVID-19 season.  We are offering a FREE online support group through a Zoom platform on Saturday April 4th (Noon and 8PM) and facilitated by our therapist Jessica who continues to work part-time as a Respiratory Therapist.  No fee, no judgement, no commitment.  Simply a space for healthcare providers from around the world to connect and comfort each other during the scariest moments of their careers.  Please join us as we navigate this storm together.

To register please click the link below.

For more information regarding the online support group, please email Jessica at

About Jessica Ulmer, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor for Morning Star Counseling, LLC in Lancaster, Pa. Office locations are East Petersburg and Quarryville.
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